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Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Everything (IoE)

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Everything (IoE)

Making things happen. With the IoE groundbreaking platform for Autonomous Automation and IoT. Apply here to join our exclusive Planet Partners Program to sell, develop and earn passive income from new markets with autonomous automation.

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Eden is a State of the art, robust P2P based distributed and decentralized compute and storage platform with internal consensus and decision capabilities. Eden makes autonomous automation a reality.

By running on passively cooled IoT devices and with power-aware code, Eden saves megatons of CO2 equivalents.

Introducing IoE Eden Embedded Edge Platform — The Standalone Edge Solution for Autonomous Automation

Start developing your own autonomous services with Eden, set up an Eden P2P cluster on the IoE solar edge centers for a fast start, or directly run an Eden cluster on your own devices. Whatever you choose, we will help you get up and running quickly. A new platform that extends industries' automation possibilities without risk -utilizing the power of edge devices. Meet your customers' real-time edge data and computing needs with a flexible and secure platform for connected or disconnected environments.

Real-time data intelligence and security at the edge with IoE Eden.
Eden is a small-footprint power-aware decentralized node that enables localized IoT solutions for clustered edge devices, gateways, and hubs by offering security beyond cyber through real-time data validation, storage in distributed data-lakes, and clustered AI, analytics, and conventional computing in connected or disconnected environments. Coded Rust on top of a minimized Linux core, Eden provides familiar developer experience through Linux containers, and the same tooling that many know from the cloud — now extends to IoT and real-time autonomous automation. And with a unique pricing model that is right for even large-scale IoT deployments, available at a $1 per year device subscription and data use and traffic fee.

Data, storage, and compute are now living on the Edge.
The explosion of the internet of things (IoT) has changed how we can use Edge data to make new autonomous systems for the automation of everything. As computing has become more powerful in smaller form factors, Edge devices are being adopted across industries to transform their operations digitally. Gartner estimates that by 2025, 75 percent of all generated data will be created and processed at the edge, up from less than 20 percent today. This technological shift toward edge devices puts data collection and compute together at the same location, reducing latency and enabling real-time actions and impact, whether on the manufacturing floor or a remote wind farm.

A data engine built, optimized, and priced for sustainable IoT deployments.

Eden Provides Affordable Solutions for Even the Most Demanding Edge Architectures:

Sensor Data Validation and AI Built-in
Trust that your data is valid before it enters the AI.

Self-Healing P2P
It is critical that there are no "data holes" in automated systems. Therefore self-healing systems where a compute device seamlessly takes over for a failing device. It is the key to robust and stable installations.
Compute and Store Data
while in motion or at rest —real-time processing and simultaneous data to information refinement, whether online or off
Your Choice of Platform
Run Eden on ARM and x64 architectures. A small, efficient footprint means you can deploy on IoT devices as small as a Raspberry Pi.
Native Integration with Cloud Products and Services
Compliance and data sharing can require Cloud services; therefore, Eden ComNodes provides seamless connections to the most common cloud solutions.
Pricing Designed for IoT
No upfront cost and subscriptions as low as $1 per year per device.

Why was Eden Created?

Eden was born from the challenge of space mining. In Space, there is no Internet, no Cloud, sustainability is a need, not a goal, and using humans doesn't make sense. So we needed to think robots, and the approach that was becoming popular on earth with sticking everything on the cloud would not work. So we need a new approach. We needed a platform for autonomous automation. A platform that can validate data integrity and make decisions without human interaction. A platform that is self-healing and power-aware. We designed a self-healing P2P based distributed and decentralized compute and storage platform with internal consensus and decision capabilities.

A platform that makes autonomous services a reality and easy to develop and deploy. Moving and adapting the design to earth was not hard, once we had figured out how to do it in space.

Who Needs Eden?

As Eden was built to work as a robust and resilient layer between the physical world and the digital. The Eden use cases are, therefore, nearly endless. Instead of using a normal data collection and processing chain as Sensors => Cloud => Actuators, all parts are P2P encapsulated in Eden clusters using data tunneling.

Companies and Organizations that publicly announced interest in automation and IoT in the last 12 months

What are the Core Benefits of Eden?

Real-Time AI
Saving Megatons of CO2
Ultra Stable by Self-Healing

Easy to Install & Use
Security Beyond Cyber through Data Signing and Tunnels
Decentralized & Distributed P2P Clustered Computing

Reward Model

At IoECorp Planet Partner Program applies the following reward model:

Service Rewards: Bringing new subscription licenses projects to Eden earns you up to 65%

Customized Projects: IoECorp offers the possibility of having tailor-made pricing for special projects.

Incentives and Promotional Projects: Temporary projects can be done at zero cost if the Partner meets the comarketing requirements and registers the project.

What is the Partner Approval Process?

The Partner Approval process to become an IoE Planet Partner is designed to provide you and us with the proper tools and knowledge to achieve a solid head-start. In this sense, there are various steps we need to go through, which are as follows:

Apply to Join

Want to begin a journey into the Internet of Everything new market opportunities acquiring passive revenue?
Concierge Interview

If your business looks like a good fit you’ll be contacted by one of our concierges to take a deeper dive into your core mission and vision. Still looks like a good fit, you’ll be added to our waiting list.
Access to Planet Partner Education

Get ready to learn more about how to sell, implement, and develop Eden in our Planet Partner platform. You will access the learning tools to become a certified Planet Partner!
Access to Eden

The fun begins! Start to generate passive revenue with Eden!

As Spock said, "Change is the essential process of all existence." That is precisely what we are - changing the centralized status quo of the big tech giants to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world through the Internet of Everything.

Once our concierge team has an understanding of your vision and mission, and if it aligns with ours, they will prepare you for the final evaluation. If you are happy with the Planet Partner program, you will join the waiting list to access the Planet Partner Educational Platform. After going through the Educational Platform, you will be ready to access Eden.

Are you ready to be bold, to live long and prosper?

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